Public Relations Services


Dear friend,
Imagine being able to generate unlimited free publicity for your product or service.


medbulwh.gif (973 bytes) Does your business or service need more sales?
medbulwh.gif (973 bytes) Did you just launch a web site?
medbulwh.gif (973 bytes) Did you introduce a new product?
medbulwh.gif (973 bytes) Did you develop a new technology?
medbulwh.gif (973 bytes) Did your company win an award?
medbulwh.gif (973 bytes) Did your company hire a new CEO?
medbulwh.gif (973 bytes) Did your company reach a milestone?


If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then we can help you.


The media provide you with the best way to generate business for your product or service. News is big business and almost everybody has their favorite programs, news services and publications. Every industry has hundreds of specialized TV programs, radio shows, magazines and publications dedicated to their particular topic.


Sending a press release is one of the most effective ways to generate publicity for your business. It can drive mountains of customers to your web sites and order lines.  Just one mention of your business in any of your industry's major publications can bring thousands of targeted prospects to your site and explode your sales.


Remember, I did say "targeted"!  The media have already added their credibility to your company, by publishing your release in their publication. The prospects are already going to your site having gained information about your company from a reliable source.


Most companies pay for advertisements in their trade papers or on TV and radio.  Press releases are different — they are FREE!! They cost you nothing and generate business for you.

Until recently, sending a press release was both time consuming and expensive.  You had to purchase a media database that cost thousands of dollars, or hire a distribution service to send your release to the media for hundreds of dollars each time.


This meant that the sheer cost and effort involved in sending any sort of announcement about your company to the media became very expensive.


Our submission services costs between $250.00 and $400.00 per release to the media.

We have a list of over 28,000 editors and publishers in the US and Canada.

Some of the benefits you will receive:


  • Your press release delivered directly to the editor's e-mailbox.
  • Targeted to your company's specific selection.
  • Each release sent individually, not auto released or "blind carbon copied."
  • Complete database of over 28,000 media contacts in the US and Canada.
  • Industry specific targeted media modules.
  • Increased branding and customer awareness.
  • Additional sales and traffic.


Contact us to find out more about what we can do for your company. We'll be happy to create a winning marketing plan with you.  site marketing