Lead Generation Program
Leads are essential for successful sales, but finding enough of those leads can be a problem even for the most skilled sales and marketing team. So we created a unique, integrated lead generation process that brings together all of the most effective offline and online methods in order to ensure that your targeted audience efficiently goes from initial contact through sales closure without problems or delays.

Here's how it works:
Step 1) Strategy and Scope Formulation
Before we begin any lead generation process, we must first understand your goals, objectives and resources, then we can create a detailed strategy and an accompanying scope document focused on maximizing your company's return on its investment.
Step 2) Lead Generation Product Selection
Our trained team will then assist you in selecting the messages, methods, and sequences of lead generation methods in order to maximize your success while minimizing costs.
Step 3) Execution
Now it's time to put those methods into action. Here are just a few of the methods we can use for your process:

CRM Solutions by Hoast.Com  High Impact Dimensional Mailers - ideal for reaching high level decision makers
CRM Solutions by Hoast.Com  Targeted Tele-Qualifying - perfect for identifying the "needle-in-the-haystack"
CRM Solutions by Hoast.Com  Electronic Direct Marketing - cost-effective way to reach more people Online
CRM Solutions by Hoast.Com  Web Events - innovative way to showcase your products/services without the expense of a traditional seminar

Step 4) Follow-Up
If we just stopped with Step 3, you'd be missing out on a large number of opportunities. We understand that in many cases it's the follow-up, not the initial contact, that closes the sales so we also develop an ongoing communication sequence that will keep you connected to your potential clients. This sequence includes:

CRM Solutions by Hoast.Com  Follow-up calls
CRM Solutions by Hoast.Com  Follow-on and reminder emails
CRM Solutions by Hoast.Com  Follow-up Mailers

Step 5) Results Analysis
We know that each of your marketing dollars needs to be accounted for. So at the end of the cycle, we conduct a complete analysis of the results so you'll be able to see for yourself just how successful the campaign was. Plus, the detailed analysis will make future marketing decisions easier for you and your team.
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