rdomain.com/cpanel ( For example if your website is called nitro-netcustomer.com you would use http://nitro-netcustomer.com/cpanel )

Once you are logged in to CPanel, scroll down the list of links until you see Boxtrapper and click it. You will see a list of the current emails you have setup on your domain. Click on the Manage link beside the email you wish to protect and you will see Boxtrapper settings for email@domain.com (your domain and email you have added) and under that, a button named Enable. Click on enable to turn on Boxtrapper for the selected email address and then click the go back link.

Boxtrapper will now be enabled and should say that in red letters.

Under that you will see the following links: Configure Settings, Edit Confirmation Messages, Edit White/Black/Ignore List, Review Log and Review Queue.

First click on Configure Settings button. In the Email addresses going to this account (comma separated list) box, leave this as it is. The next field is  How many days logs and messages in the queue should be kept, this allows you to keep emails in the Boxtrapper queue for the specified number of days so as to not lose any unconfirmed emails. Setting this to 30 will keep the queue entries for 30 days for example. Change the number if you wish and hit save, the settings will save and then click the go back link which will bring you to the same page you just saved the settings on, click Go back once more.

Next, Click on the Edit Confirmation Messages link. What this allows you to do is edit the Verify, ReturnVerify and Blacklist messages that are sent to anyone who is not currently logged in the "Whitelist", "Blacklist" or "Ignored" lists which will be covered in a seperate reply following this one.

Clicking the edit button beside Verify will allow you to edit the Verification email that is sent out to anyone not in one of the lists above. You may leave it at the default or you can change this by entering your own text and clicking on the Save button at the bottom of the page.

The next step is to go through the Edit White/Black/Ignore List and Review Log buttons.

By clicking on the Edit White/Black/Ignore List you have the option to Add/Delete/Modify any current emails in the lists of White List, Black List and Ignore List.

First click on the Edit White List link and enter the email addresses that you want to allow so when the email you they don't get the Verify your email message.

To add an email address, you would add

from support@wwm.net

And putting in your friend, relative, etc's email in instead of support@wwm.net

You can also allow certain subjects by adding

subject Urgent meeting

However some spammers do tend to try and make subjects that would seem to be something you would want to read.

If you get email carbon copied (cc'd) to you (or a mailing list), you may want to add

cc email@domain.com


cc mailinglist@domain.com

The simplest and most used method would be to add from entries for anyone that would email you.

Make sure that you press enter before entering a new entry. When you are finished editing, click the Save button at the bottom. Then click Go Back to return to the previous screen.

For the Ignore list, you can use the from & subject lines the same way as you did in the White list entries so we will not spend time covering it as the same concepts apply here.

The Black list follows the same basic format as the Ignore & White lists, however it also will send back a message saying you have blacklisted their address. You can edit the message that is sent back to blacklisted people by going to the same location we used to modify the Verify message in the last section.

Moving on to the Review Log, this simply tells you about the date an email was received, who it was from and if it was added to the White List, Ignore List or Black List.

We will now go into the Review Queue area and finish our tutorial.

Moving on to the Review Queue area, after clicking the link you will see Boxtrapper Queue for user@domain.com.

Below that, there will be a list of emails that have been sent to you that have yet to be delivered.

The image below is a sample of what you might see

This is an example of what you would be looking at when you review the queue of emails you have received.

Next, click on the email address portion of the message in the list that you wish to do an action for (blacklist, whitelist, deliver the message, etc).

You will see something similar to

From the list you can choose the following:

Whitelist and deliver all messages from this sender.
This will add the currently selected email to the White list, allowing further emails from this email to be accepted automatically. Additionally, it will deliver all currently queued messages from this email so if for example this user had sent you 5 emails that ended up in the queue, you won't have to deal with each one individually.

Whitelist and deliver this message from its sender.
Same as above but will only deliver this one email from the user, not really all that useful unless you want to carefully check the other emails the user may have sent you before you added them to the White list.

Deliver all messages from this sender.
This will deliver all messages from this user to the intended mailbox but will not add them to the White list.

Deliver message.
Same as the above option except once again, only delivering this email and not all emails from this user.

Delete this message from the queue.
Deletes the email from the queue and doesn't deliver the email. This also doesn't blacklist or ignore the user in the future so futher messages from the user will end up in the queue.

Delete this message from the queue and blacklist the sender.
Allows you to delete the email and add the user to your Blacklist.

Delete this message from the queue and the sender to the ignore list.
Allows you to delete the email and add the user to your Ignore list.

Once you have everything setup to the way you like it, you should check your queue occasionally to ensure no emails are lost. To do this, login to CPanel, click on the Boxtrapper link, select 'Manage' next to the email account you wish to view the queue for and then select the Review Queue link, following the steps above to sort the emails as you wish.

That concludes the tutorial. If you experience any problems, you may submit a ticket to our system and one of us will be happy to help you.

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