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Questions about setting up and using email on IT servers come daily.  Hopefully these pages and links will help you get up and running in short order!
How to Set up your Email Client
Detail instructions for setting up your email client:
Outlook Express Setup
These instructions are based on Outlook Express 6.0, but should work for prior versions.
Startup Outlook Express, then click Tools, then Accounts, then Add, then Mail
Enter your name as you would like it to appear, and then click Next (eg: John Doe)
Enter your full email address, and click Next (eg: jdoe@mydomain.com)
Enter your mail server name for both incoming & outgoing mail server, and click Next (eg: mail.yourdomain.com)
Enter your account name (same as your full email address) and password, and click Next (eg: jdoe@yourdomain.com)
Click Finish.  The Internet Accounts window redisplays.
Click on the Mail tab, and your Account you just created should appear.
Click on Properties, then Servers
Click on the box labeled 'My server requires authentication'
Click Apply, then OK, then Close

Click here for screen shots

These instructions are based on Outlook 2002, but should be applicable to other versions.
Start up Outlook, then click on Tools, then Email Accounts
Click on 'Add a new e-mail account', then click Next
Click on 'POP3', then click Next
Fill in the fields for your email settings, using the following as an example:
Your Name:  John Doe
Email Address:  jdoe@yourdomain.com
Incoming mail server:  mail.yourdomain.com
Outgoing mail server: mail.yourdomain.com
User name (same as your email address): jdoe@yourdomain.com
Click on More Settings, and a new window displays
Click on the Outgoing Server tab
Click on the 'My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication', then click OK
Click on 'Test Account Settings';
If successful click Close, then Next, then Finish

Click here for screen shots

Eudora Setup
Screen snapshots for setting up an email user in Eudora
I used Eudora 5.2, in the 'Advanced Setup' mode.


Screen 1:
Screen 2:

Other information:

How to view your email using a Web Browser
Problems accessing email account
Check your email account name:
When setting up a client email program to retrieve user's email, the email account name entered for all users should be in the form of: usernamer@domainname.com
The only exception is the main (admin) account for your web site.  The reason for this is that most web sites on IT on on shared servers, and including the domain name with the username is the only way to make the email account unique.

If you are trying to use Web Mail from your work site, and get a connection refused, your company may have a firewall in place that is blocking port 2095. Contact your company's network administrator for options.
Attachments being blocked
IT automatically filters (blocks) certain file types if included as an email attachment.  The reason is to protect the end user.  Workaround? First "zip" the file(s) you wish to attach as an email attachment.
Here is a list of the files that are blocked:
(?:ad[ep] # list of extns
# |ba[st]
# |chm
# |cmd
# |com
# |cpl
# |crt
# |eml
# |exe
# |hlp
# |hta
# |in[fs]
# |isp
# |jse?
# |lnk
# |md[be]
# |ms[cipt]
# |pcd
# |pif
# |reg
# |scr
# |sct
# |shs
# |url
# |vb[se]
# |ws[fhc])

Blocking spam
What is spam?
Let's make it simple and define spam as any junk or commercial advertising email that we receive that we did not request.  Learn more about spam at the Spam Abuse web site
How can I block spam?
IT provides Spam Assassin as a tool to block spam email from the server.  By default, Spam Assassin is disabled when your web site is first setup by IT.

Client (PC) side spam tools:


Email Setup
Posted by bethohio3 on 4/10/2003
Forgive me if I get too basic here, but I thought I'd spell as much of it ought as I can.


For each email account, you need the following settings:
User information (Your name and email address)
Logon Information (User name and password)
Server information (incoming and outgoing mail servers)


Your ISP tech support staff is used to providing this information, but they are doing it based on the assumption that you are using their incoming and outgoing mail servers.


Since you have your own domain, though, you don't want to use their mail servers. You want the mail to go through your own mail servers (i.e. mail.mydomain.com)


There's a caIT, though, many ISPs won't let you use an alternative outgoing mail server. This is a Good Thing, because it allows them to ensure that only people with accounts on their system are able to send email through it.
So what does that do to your settings?
User information is the easiest: your name and email address
Logon information: Your username and password for your IT account. However, remember what I wrote in the earlier message. If you are using your main cpanel login name, omit the "@mydomain.com"
Incoming mail server: mail.mydomain.com
Outgoing mail server (SMTP): Ask your ISP, or copy what you're using for your email address under your ISP.
That's right--your outgoing mail server is through your ISP, even though it is for a IT hosted email account under your own domain.
Depending on the current settings required by your ISP, you may also need to provide authentication information for the SMTP outgoing server. In my case, that is my username and password for my ISP account.
I can't use the same settings as my incoming mail server, because I use my cpanel username and password for that--that's to authenticate with IT.
I hope I haven't totally confused you. Just try and keep in mind the pieces:
You have an incoming mail server and you apparently have all the settings correct for that.
You have an outgoing mail server, and that needs to be your ISP's mail server name, and your authentication information for your ISP.




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