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Account Settings
The Account Settings page is where you can manage FTP access, create a subdomain, and modify error messages.
For information, click on your desired choice:
FTP Manager
FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, which is a fancy way of saying "Hey, how do I copy files from my PC to my web site?".  The FTP Manager area of CPanel allows you to define FTP login accounts for certain people to use to upload or download files from your web site.


Generally, to perform FTP functions from your computer, you will need to install an FTP client program.  Here are links to several such programs:
CuteFTP  (30 day free trial version!)
SmartFTP  (free!)
Ws_FTP  (It's been around awhile and still popular!)
Subdomains are a way of setting up separate accounts within your master account, and can be accessed  as separate URLs
Let's say that your web site's name is www.flowers.com.  You may want to have a special web site dedicated to support (support.flowers.com) or for ordering flowers  (order.flowers.com).
cPanel automatically creates the subdirectory inside your public_html directory that matches the subdomain name you enter. In the above example, the directory ../public_html/support will be created.  cPanel will also create a separate cgi-bin directory for this subdomain (../public_html/support/cgi-bin).
Creating a subdomain
     How to set up a subdomain:
     Let's assume that your web site is www.yourdomain.com, and that we want to create support.yourdomain.com as a sub domain:
Logon to CPanel
Click on Account Settings > Subdomains
Enter your subdomain name, such as support and click on Add
A confirmation screen will appear. Click Go Back
     Confirm subdomain setup:
Click on Home from CPanel, and it should have incremented the number of subdomains
Click on Access Menu > File Manager
Click on the file folder icon next to `public_html', and look for a sub folder with the same name as your subdomain you created (eg:, support )
      Then, open up your browser and enter your full subdomain name, such as support.yourdomain.com
FTP into Subdomain
     Setup FTP Account for the Subdomain:
Create an FTP user account for the sub domain
Click on Account Settings > FTP Manager > FTP Accounts
Click on Add Account
For login, enter your subdomain name (eg.,support)
As you go to the password field, notice that /support is preloaded into the directory field
Enter a password and click Create
A confirmation screen appears
Click Go Back
    Confirm setup:
FTP URL: ftp.yourdomain.com
Username: support@kwsupport.com
Password (whatever was assigned)
Password Protect a Subdomain
     If you go to your CPanel there should be an icon or link that says something like 'Password Protection'. The interface for the password protection is kinda weird and takes a little getting used to. Basically, you click the *icon* of the folder to navigate and the *name* of the folder to bring up it's protection options.
First add a user (make sure you put both the name and the password - the interface for changing user passwords later is worse (at least in Mozilla, maybe it's different in IE?).
Once you have entered a user you can enter a name for the 'Protected Resource' (i.e. My Subdomain Protection) and check the box 'Folder requires a password to access via http:/'
That should do it for the protection.
Oh, BTW the interface problems are not TCH's fault, it's the issue of CPanel's creators.
N.B. You cannot use cPanel to create a MySQL database for the subdomain.  MySQL databases are maintained at the master account level.
Custom Error Pages
Have you ever received a 404 Page Not Found screen when visiting a web site?  If so, you now know what we are talking about when we refer to Error Pages.  TCH not only supplies standard eror pages, but allows you to customize those error pages.
Looking for some ideas at how to make a better error page?

Contact us to find out more about what we can do for your company. We'll be happy to create a winning marketing plan with you.  site marketing

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