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Flash Web Designs-Introductions-Presentations


We construct sites in Flash MX. Flash is a design and viewing tool designed by Macromedia and, if you're looking for advanced Flash design, we have the right development team for you.

We can construct navigation, animated banners, or entire websites from Flash.  Flash is scalable, printable, and exciting. Flash is viewable by over 80% of web visitors without the need for downloading a plug-in. Flash is able to provide e-commerce solutions, advanced scripting features for forums, chat rooms, and forms. Flash can be printed by most printers allowing your visitors to save your content for future review. Flash is compact and fast-loading providing incredible graphics in tiny files that are quickly accessed even with a modem connection.

Flash is easily revised, expandable, and scalable providing your business with the ability to revise, add to, or scale your site in the future with minimal cost. Since maintenance of any website is necessary, lower maintenance costs are always a concern.

Flash can be useful for any website. It can form the entire site, or be the jumping-off point for something else (like the menu on our site). What are your needs?  Let's talk about them. Just call or e-mail us to get started.

Programming and Flash Pricing:

All programming, scripting, and Flash content is charged at the competitive rate of $60 an hour (half an hour minimum). Complete, bug-free delivery is guaranteed. This includes:

- Programming and implementing scripts such as:

  • CGI scripts to provide additional functionality and/or interactivity
  • A news or e-commerce database and script system
  • Forms and/or surveys
  • Polls
  • User management/tracking database

- Creating Flash content such as:

  • Introduction movie
  • Interactive content (including sound and animation)
  • Using Flash's built in scripting to implement programming

For larger and more complex scripts, after consultation we will draw up a complete contract with measurable milestones and specific requirements rather than charging hourly rates. This contract will include an extensive debugging period to ensure that everything works properly (even the tiniest details).

Contact us to find out more about what we can do for your company. We'll be happy to create a winning marketing plan with you.  flash design




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