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Just a few of our web store features...

Why should you choose us to power your e-commerce site? Let's face it. There are 100's of shopping cart programs around, all with different strengths and weaknesses. Our web stores are superior to most in ease-of-use, features and price.

Our web store shopping cart systems are built for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. The program is built by programmers and designers who understand the online selling process from start to finish.

Below is a list of the major features included in a typical online sore build.

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Global E-Commerce Ready

  • multiple language support
  • multiple tax support
  • multiple shipping methods
  • multiple currency support
  • multiple payment methods

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Catalog Status Modes

  • showcase mode without prices
  • showcase mode with prices
  • normal shopping mode
  • down for maintenance mode

Powerful Administration Tool

  • configure your minimum and maximum values, image sizes and customer details
  • choose which layout settings to use for the spotlight listings
  • pick which details to show on your product details page
  • edit your policies pages with HTML (if desired)
  • add, delete, move, link or copy your products
  • create and manage your product attributes
  • manage product reviews, featured products, specials and storewide sales
  • shipping and payment module installation and management
  • price and taxation control
  • banner advertising controls
  • newsletter creation and sending
  • content management tool, easily add new content pages


Customer Status Modes

  • unrestricted shopping (option)
  • must register to view prices (option)
  • must register to view prices and merchandise (option)
  • showroom only (option)

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Categories and Products

  • unlimited category depth
  • physical merchandise
  • downloadable virtual products
  • products can reside in multiple categories
  • product options as dropdowns, radio buttons, checkboxes, and text input

Customer Retention Tools

  • periodic newsletter in plain text or HTML
  • order status emails and records in the customer account
  • referral tools
  • gift certificates

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Promotions, Sales and Discounts

  • individual special prices
  • global sale reductions
  • category-wide sale prices
  • discount coupons
  • customer group discounts
  • quantity discounts
  • one-time charges
  • minimum and maximum purchases per product
  • prices by attributes

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If you are a small business or large corporation first entering the web, we can provide you with a complete web presence that will professionally reflect your business.

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