Dear Friend,

Would you like to know one simple secret that can make you rich beyond your wildest dreams? If so, then pay close attention- because this may be the most important message you will ever read.

Here is why: have you ever wondered what it is that separates mail order millionaires from people who struggle day to day... just to make ends meet? Do they have a special talent, connections in high places, or were they just born rich? The truth is... none of the above! They just know a secret. One simple secret.

What is this secret- the secret you too can use to bring in as much money as you want as fast as you want? What is it they do, that ordinary people donít? Quite simply,

They Steal!

Yes, you read it right- they steal. But, they steal in a perfectly legal, perfectly ethical fashion, in a way that allows them to make as much money as they want... while working only a few short hours each week.

Let me explain how they can get away with this- and how you can too. You see, most people think the way to wealth is to invent something completely new, something completely original, and then, once the word gets out, they will be mobbed with people wanting to give them money.

Ever heard the saying, "Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door?" It sounds good, but itís just plain not true. More people have gone broke following this lousy advice than have gotten fat eating Big Macs and Fries. And, if you take this advice, you will probably follow them to the poorhouse.

Rich people get rich by taking advantage of "leverage." Leverage means using other peopleís resources to set up systems that automatically bring you money while you do other things (like sleep, holiday, eat, or whatever you feel like doing.) You do the work once, plug it into a system, and the money keeps coming into your bank account no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Hereís a perfect example of systems and leverage, one the mail order millionaires use over and over to make more and more money: They sit down and write a simple ad. They test this ad in a magazine. If they make more money than the ad costs them, they simply run it in more magazines and make even more money.

They only do the work once- yet once itís done, they use other peopleís resources to get that ad in the hands of millions of people all at the same time. The magazine does all the work, and all the mail order millionaire does is sit back and collect the profits. He does the work (writing the ad) once, and uses other peopleís resources (the magazineís) to get his sales message in front of millions at the same time.

But Iíll tell you another secret- and this is the one the mail order millionaires donít want you to know (and this is where they steal). See, they donít actually write their ads and sales letters.

They Steal Them From Others!

How can they (and you) do this- and do it in a perfectly legal way?

The answer is simple. You see, the wonderful thing about mail order is, you can test. You can test one ad against another and see which one makes more money. Then you run the one that made more money. This is how fortunes are made in mail order.

Over the past 70 years or so, mail order millionaires have been testing and refining ads and sales letters over and over. And, they have discovered during this time, there are certain words, and certain phrases that practically force people to open their wallets and send you money.

So, when the mail order millionaires decide they want more money, all they do is "steal" these words and phrases that have been tested over and over. They donít write anything original - why should they? They simply go to their collection of winning ads and sales letters (they even have a name for this collection- itís called a "swipe file"), copy and paste the words they know that sell, smooth out the letter a bit, and then send it out to bring them more money. They arenít working- theyíre stealing!

Would You Like to "Steal" Your Way to a Fortune Too?

But hereís the key- in order to "steal" like they do, you have to have your own collection of WINNING ads and sales letters. Because if you donít know the words and phrases to put on paper to get people to send you money, your chances of writing a winning letter are slim and none. No mail order millionaire ever attempts to write a letter without knowing these words and phrases - itís much too risky and almost guaranteed to lose money.

So, how do you get your hands on a winning collection of ads and sales letters? To be quite frank, itís not easy- you have to either be friends with a mail order millionaire (and even if you are he probably wonít let you see his swipe file- itís far too valuable), or you have to go through the multi-year process of looking for ads that are repeated or mail order offers you keep receiving. See, an ad is only repeated if it makes money, so if you see an ad running over and over itís probably making money. Probably- but you can't tell for sure.

At Last... Mail Order Millionaire Generously

Offers to Share His Collection of Winning Ads

and Sales Letters With YOU!

Finally, though, there is a quick and easy way to get your hands on a mail order millionaireís personal "swipe file." For a limited time, and a limited time only, Michael Kimble, a rather famous mail order millionaire, has decided to offer, to a few select people, a copy of his own personal "swipe file," cleverly entitled, The Ultimate Collection Of Tools, Opportunities, Ads And Sales Letters For Getting Rich In Mail-Order And On The Internet

Now You Can Take Advantage of the

"Secret of the Rich" and "Steal"

Just Like They Do!

This material is unbelievable. It contains the exact same ads and sales letter Mr. Kimble himself has used to build a million dollar a year mail order business. All of these ads and letters are tested and proven. All have made money- some millions of dollars.

In fact, one letter (which is only one page long), written by Gary C. Halbert, was so successful it brought Halbert over 7.3 million replies- each containing a cheque (made out to his wife) or cash he could put in his pocket. In fact, getting that many orders (with cheques enclosed) forced Halbert to hire 30 full time employees -

Just to Make His Bank Deposit!

Imagine getting 20,000 cheques PER DAY just like Halbert did. Youíll get to see this letter when you get The Ultimate Collection Of Tools, Opportunities, Ads And Sales Letters For Getting Rich In Mail-Order And On The Internet, and you should remember, after Halbert wrote that letter, all he had to do was pay other people to mail it for him- while he sat back and collected all the money.

Hereís more of what is included in the The Ultimate Collection Of Tools, Opportunities, Ads And Sales Letters For Getting Rich In Mail-Order And On The Internet:

"The Million Dollar Bill Sales Letter"

Sales letter for "Instant Publisher CD-ROM Business Toolkit"

"This New Business-In-a-Box Can Earn You Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars"

Sales letter for "Direct Mail Bootcamp Business Toolkit"

"Hot, Qualified Leads that Will Blow The Lid Off Your Sales and Profits"

Sales letter for "New Business Power Marketing" reprint rights

"Hereís the Quickest and Easiest Way For You to Succeed in Mail Order"

Sales letter for "Mail Order Business Toolkit"

"How to Increase Your Sales and Profit With Direct Mail"

Postcard/ad for the Direct Mail Bootcamp home study course

"How to Cash In On the Booming Demand for CD ROMíS"

Sales letter for "Business 6-Pack" CD-ROM reprint rights package

"Hereís a Rare Opportunity For You To Own and Cash in On Group Mís Million Dollar, ĎHyper-Responsiveí Mailing List Of HOT Proven Buyers!"

Sales letter for a hyper-responsive mailing list

"Double Your Direct Marketing Profits- 100% Guaranteed"

Lead-generating postcard/ad for the "Maximum Profit Direct Marketing" course

"How to Win Tons of New Customers, Get Them to Buy More Often, Increase the Dollar Amount of Every Sale, and Double Your Profits in Record Time"

Sales letter for "Maximum Profit Direct Marketing" course

"How to Master the Art and Science of Writing Ads and Sales Letters that Work"

Sales letter for "Advertising Magic" course

"I Was Held Hostage for 4 Days By the Sharpest Minds in Direct Mail"

Sales letter for "Direct Mail Bootcamp" home study course

750 How-To Books, Reports and Manuals You Can Reprint and Sell... All on A Single CD ROM

Press release for "Instant Publisher CD"

How You Can Create a Hot Selling Information Product On Any Subject Almost Instantly- In Just 2 to 4 Hours!

Sales letter for "How To Create Your Own Information Products"

How to Turn All Your Ads and Sales Letters Into Powerful Cash Generators- Guaranteed

Sales letter for "Direct Marketing Hotseat"

"How to Obtain Premiums, Giveaways, and Promotional and Close-Out Merchandise at Discounts So Cheap and So Huge Youíll Feel Like Youíre Stealing!"

Sales letter for "Promotional Merchandise & Close-Outs" Manual

"301 Direct Mail Tips, Secrets and Techniques"

Sales letter for "301 Direct Mail Tips, Techniques & Secrets" book

Gary Halbertís famous "Coat of Arms" sales letter- which produced over 7 million cash with order replies

Internet Profits: Build Your Business on the Internet

Lead-generating ad for "Web Sites"

"How to Get Your Very Own Website On the Internet (Professionally Designed for You) For Less than $2 a Day"

Sales letter for "Web Sites"

"Hereís How You Can Promote Virtually Any Business, Product, Or Service on the Internet"

Sales letter for "Online Marketing Power Pack" course

"Question: Whatís the Secret to Increasing Your Sales and Profits By as Much as 917%?"

Sales letter for "Maximum Profit Copywriting Clinic"

"How to Find Mailing Lists that Can Make You Rich"

Sales letter for "How To Find Hot Mailing Lists" videos and audios

"Increase Your Income by $100,000 With this Direct Marketing Newsletter"

Postcard and display ad for "Direct Marketing Strategies Newsletter"

Keep in mind, all these ads and letters have one thing in common: they all contain the exact words and phrases that compel people to send you money. And you too, can use these words and phrases to create a sales letter of your own and cash in on the secret of the mail order millionaires.

Why sit down and write a letter when all the work has already been done for you? Writing is hard work- and the rich do not like to work. (Thatís why they got rich in the first place- so they donít have to work!). You can use their secret to make yourself as much money as you like, whenever you like.

Simply "steal" the tested, proven, money-making words and phrases, from The Ultimate Collection Of Tools, Opportunities, Ads And Sales Letters For Getting Rich In Mail-Order And On The Internet, and use them to quickly and easily create a letter or ad of your own. Thereís no thinking and no writing necessary- all the work has already been done for you.

OK, thatís it. You have just read a detailed description of what is included in this remarkable book and how you can use it to "steal" words and phrases that have been proven time and time again to put money in your pocket. Letís talk about how you can get your hands on it- fast.

By now, Iím sure youíd like to know how much The Ultimate Collection Of Tools, Opportunities, Ads And Sales Letters For Getting Rich In Mail-Order And On The Internet is going to cost?

To be quite honest, you shouldnít be thinking cost, you should be thinking investment. Sit down and ask yourself this question: how much would it be worth to you to be able to create a letter or ad- without doing any writing- that you could then use to bring in money whenever you needed it? $10,000.00? $50,000.00? $100,000.00?

Think about it- it was worth over $20 million to Gary Halbert just to have a single 1-page letter he could send out whenever he wanted more money. The exact letters included in The Ultimate Collection Of Tools, Opportunities, Ads And Sales Letters For Getting Rich In Mail-Order And On The Internet are worth over $1 million A YEAR to Michael Kimble, who has often stated, he would have gladly paid $25,000 for this collection of ads and letters if he had known how much money it was going to make him (and continues to make him!).

So how much is your investment? $25,000.00? Nope. $1,000.00? Not even that. Not even $100. See, Mr. Kimble wants the average guy to be able to own these letters and duplicate his success. So, Mr. Kimble, has, for a very limited time, decided to let The Ultimate Collection Of Tools, Opportunities, Ads And Sales Letters For Getting Rich In Mail-Order And On The Internet go for an extremely modest $79 - IF you respond within 17 days. After that, the price goes up to what it should sell for- $497.00

And, you should also know, The Ultimate Collection Of Tools, Opportunities, Ads And Sales Letters For Getting Rich In Mail-Order And On The Internet comes with a No BS No Hassle 100% Money-Back

Ten Times Guarantee!

If for any reason (or no reason at all) you are not 100% thrilled and delighted with The Ultimate Collection Of Tools, Opportunities, Ads And Sales Letters For Getting Rich In Mail-Order And On The Internet then you may return it within 60 days in good condition for a prompt and courteous refund (less postage).

But wait, thereís more: if this book doesnít make you at least $7900 in four months (thatís ten times what you invested for it!) then you may return The Ultimate Collection Of Tools, Opportunities, Ads And Sales Letters For Getting Rich In Mail-Order And On The Internet and still get all your money back. You are 100% protected- what could be more fair?


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