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After spending hours working hard to get it "just right", your success or failure with any ad or marketing piece often boils down to one key component... the HEADLINE!

* Your headline either attracts massive attention, or it doesn't.
* Your headline either targets your specific prospects, or it doesn't.
* Your headline either pulls those prospects inside, or it doesn't.

Every ad, press release, web site, or marketing document of ANY kind, MUST have a strong headline to succeed! The results you achieve are in direct proportion to the attention-getting and interest-arousing quality of your headline. A good headline can easily double or triple your response -- a great one can do even better! Imagine how your bank account will expand when you suddenly get 2, 3, or even 10 times as many people to read your messages! (Let alone 17 times more readers!).

What do experts think about headlines?

You only have to listen to some of the greatest names in the history of advertising to realize that nothing is more important to your success than the headlines you lead with in your marketing materials.

Here's what David Ogilvy, one of the brightest advertising geniuses ever, said about the incredible power of headlines:

"On the average, 5 times as many people read the headlines as read the body copy. It follows that unless your headline sells your product, you have wasted 90% of your money."

Famous copywriter and author of the book, How To Write A Good Advertisement, Victor Schwab, had this to say:

"Some of the most tremendous flops among advertisements contain body matter filled with convincing copy. But it just wasn't capsuled into a good headline. And so the excellent copy didn't even get a reading."

Another advertising guru, John Caples, summed up the importance of headlines with this remark:

"... I spend hours on headlines -- days if necessary. And when I get a good headline, I know that my task is nearly finished. Writing the copy can usually be done in a short time, if necessary. And that advertisement will be a good one that is if the headline is really a "stopper".

And master direct marketer, Ted Nicholas concluded:

"Based on hundreds of tests conducted, a good headline can be as much as 17 times more effective than a so-so headline. And this is with exactly the same body copy!"

With today's hectic pace and wide array of choices, headlines are more important than ever! According to Direct Magazine (July 1999) an American leather-ware firm sent out an electronic mailing and by accident, forgot to include any body copy. So their message was sent with nothing but headlines. Much to their surprise, it pulled the largest response rate ever!

Sadly, most marketers miss this crucial point altogether. Some run weak, boring headlines while others don't use any headlines at all! They just don't realize the vital importance of having an effective, attention-getting headline. Whatever marketing methods you choose, you'll improve your results 100% of the time when you start off with a great headline!
Write Great Headlines Instantly!
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You've got to get their attention!

Whether you're creating a direct mail package, sending out a press release, writing a sales letter to your current customers, or any other kind of promotion; you simply must attract the attention of your audience first, with a benefit-packed headline -- or you'll never attract their interest or win their business! Are you getting your full message across to prospects?

Look at yourself as an example: When you read a newspaper or magazine, do you read every word of every story or do you scan the headlines? And we're just talking about editorial content -- chances are, you read even less advertising or direct mail!

Your prospects are no different. They're thinking about their own lives -- their dreams and desires, their problems and anxieties. You Can Literally "Write Your Own Ticket" in life by discovering the secrets of successful headlines!

To get your message across, you need a headline that's interruptive and powerful. To improve your headline results, promise an impressive benefit -- a benefit so irresistible it makes prospects eager with anticipation to go and find out more! If your headline doesn't offer an appealing benefit, 80% of your prospects will never venture beyond those first few words.That's right they won't even bother to go on and read the rest of your message.

Target your best prospects with a headline that reaches out and "grabs" them! Give them a strong reason to read your entire message... and that reason is: the promise suggested in your headline. If you're not doing this now, It's costing you money! It's that simple.

Save yourself some money!

Look at it this way: no matter what you put in your ad, sales letter or web page, you're paying the same amount of money for printing, mailing, hosting, design services, or to buy space for that ad. If your promotional efforts bring in one sale, it costs you the exact same amount of money as it would if you received 51sales or 551 sales.

Improving your headlines can you give tremendous marketing leverage and make every promotional effort far more profitable! And now You can learn how to write powerful, arresting headlines that pull in more prospects and customers whenever you wish!

A good headline is like an unstoppable force that reaches out and takes hold of your prospect by the collar and literally forces him to read your important message!

Great Headlines Don't Just Happen By Accident!

They happen because someone sat down and applied proven techniques for creating headlines that command attention... headlines that stimulate interest... headlines that sell!

And if you want to discover the secrets of winning headlines; if you want to master the skill of headline writing, If you want to take control of the awesome, money-making power of irresistible headlines, than here's: how to create explosive, impossible-to-ignore headlines for any product or service-- in just minutes!

And, the beauty of it is...
You dont need to be a writer...
You don't need to be an advertising or marketing expert... and
You don't need to spend a penny more on your promotions!

Write Great Headlines Instantly!
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What a few experts say about this course:

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While other authors merely glaze over the topic of headline writing, Robert has written a tome that breaks down the process in easy-to-digest steps. It's one of the best investments you could ever make if you want to generate immediate attention for any and all of your promotional pieces.

Thank you so much Robert! This is just what I needed."

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Attract maximum results with minimum effort!

Knowing how to put together a great headline is one of your most valuable assets! It's an asset you can use to give yourself much better results every time you run an ad or launch a new promotional campaign.

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Great Headlines Instantly!
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Write Great Headlines Instantly!
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How to cash in on every promotion with
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The very same ideas, tactics, formulas, and methods I'm about to show you are exactly the same I used to create successful headlines for everything from postcards and direct mail packages, to brochures and display ads. As an entrepreneur, I've been writing successful headlines for the past nine years. As a copywriter, I've created dozens of winning headlines for clients as part of my full package of services.

With my new headlines manual, you'll discover how to quickly and easily transform ANY headline into a powerful prospect-magnet that brings you larger audiences, more cash orders and multiple profits -- guaranteed! Just get a hold of this manual and you too will be writing powerful headlines that are irresistible to your prospects!

Improving your headline is the easiest way to boost your response rates and your profits! You'll have the full range of tools for creating awesome headlines -- right at your fingertips! Use these profit-making ideas as often as you wish and reap the rewards for as long as you like.

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This manual gives you all the key information you need to instantly create amazing headlines on demand! You get all the best Tips... Techniques... Methods... Strategies... and Formulas! These headline ideas may be very different from anything else you've ever seen, heard, or read before. But I'm convinced that anyone can use this information to write their own "grabber" headlines and achieve outstanding success!

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