p://www.makemoneytrainingcenter.com/cgi-bin/site.pl?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.download.com" target="_new"> download.com and search for "Winzip."

It doesn't matter where you put them on your computer. Just make sure to put them somewhere you'll remember.

Step Three

Run the EBrander.exe file.

Just double click on it and start it up.

Step Four

Push the "Open eBook" button.

Step Five

Choose the "traffic.exe" file.

It should accept this book just by choosing it.

Step Six

Push the "Add Brand" button.

A box will pop-up with two lines in it. The first one reads, "Replace Label" and will have the code <%FIELD0%>in it. Change the "0" in the code to "1"

The code should now look like this: <%FIELD1%>

The next line says "With Value" and the space is currently blank.

In this line, put your web site address with http://www. in front of it.

For example, when I did it, I put http://www.cyberdell.com on this line. You put your web site there.

Now, click "OK."

Step Seven

Click "Save" and then check the ebook.

Double click on the ebook on your computer now. It should have your web site link throughout it.

Make sure you are connected to the Internet...Click on the links and make sure they work correctly.

Step Eight

Upload the ebook to your web site and link to it.

Upload this book to your web site and link to it. If you don't have a web site or your web host makes it difficult to upload ebooks, then use a free site such as http://www.freedrive.com to hold your ebook copies.

Because we are offering this branding service "free," we really don't have time to work with everyone who has trouble uploading the files. Every web host is different, so please ask your web host about uploading .exe files if you have any problems.

Now It's Up To You!

* Read the ebook yourself; follow the suggestions.

* Advertise the link to your ebook so others can Download it.

* Put a link to it in the signature block in your email program.

* If you have a newsletter, promote this link in your newsletter.

* If you post on any of the discussion boards make sure this link is in your signature box.

* Encourage everyone to give your ebook away.

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