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1. Support for all types (fixed or %) of commissions up to 10-tiers including recurring

2. Text links, graphic banners, HTML banners, Popup/popunder banners, Banner rotators

3. Import/export of affiliates and transactions to/from Excel

4. Customizable email notifications, mass emails to affiliates

5. Flexible payout functions, set minimum balance, full payout history

6. Approve affiliates and sales. Automatic fraud protection

7. Performance rewards, signup bonus

8. Multi-language support

9. Extensive reports and statistics

10. Easy to use Integration Wizard and much much more..  best affiliate program

Extensive Flash based charts and reports internet marketing affiliate program
Lender Marketing gives you real-time reports of all aspects of your affiliate program, allowing you to see how well everything is performing, every day, week, month or year.  affiliate marketing program

pay per click affiliate program
Supported commission types:
  CPM (cost per thousand impressions)
  Per referral pay per click affiliate program
  Signup bonus web site affiliate program
  Per click make money with affiliate program
  Per sale and per lead (Flat rate or Percentage)
  Per sale and per lead recurring commissions
  Multi tier commissions - up to 10 tiers
  Unlimited product categories and unlimited affiliate categories
  Possibility to define different commissions to different affiliates

Standard functionality:
  Worlds-unique tracking system using 1st party and Flash cookies for best possible reliability 
  Unlimited affiliates
  Forced affiliates matrix support
  Adjustable payout amount
  Full history of all transactions
  Unlimited banners
  Performance rewards - pay more to your best affiliates
  Multiple merchants with permissions
  Recurring commissions support (weekly, monthly, quarterly, biannually, yearly period)
  Set your currency type and way to display the currency (left, right)
  Set desimal numbers displayment and rounding
  Setting of cookie lifetime
  Easy to use, all settings are accessible via control panel
  Fast, load tested system

  Customizable email templates
  Full history of all email communication
  Extensive email notifications
For merchant:
  after sale
  after affiliate signup
  after recurring comm. generated
  daily report
  weekly report 
  monthly report
For affiliate:
  after sale
  after subaffiliate signup
  daily report
  weekly report 
  monthly report
  Mass emails to affiliates
  Support for News - displayed on affiliate's panel

Extensive reports:
  Quick report with daily impressions, clicks and sales
  Detailed transactions report
  Traffic & Sales graphical report
  Top Affiliates graphical report
  Top Campaigns graphical report 
  Number of affiliates graphical report
  Affiliate Summaries 
  Top Reffering URLs graphical report 
  Rotator report 
  Non performing affiliates report 
  Banner impressions, clicks and CTR ratios

Approvals & fraud protection:
  Refund & Chargeback management 
  Approve new affiliate accounts (optional)
  Approve new sales (optional)
  Transaction management: view, approve, decline, delete
  Automatized fraud protection
  Choose whether to insert the fraudlent transactions as declined, or don't insert at

Payouts & export:
  Accounting view with full payouts history
  Fully customizable payout options allow you to support any existing payment system
  Definition of export file format and payment button format
  Payout options supported by default:
  Bank wire transfer
  Regular Check
  Easy to add new payment system
  Export of data to MS Excel format

  Banner rotators 
  Popup/popunder banners 
  Organize banners in categories 
  Possibility to hide banner from affiliate during creation 
  Image banners
  Text links
  Customizable text link format
  HTML banners - allowing FLASH, pop-up windows, JavaScript code, ...

  Customizable affiliate signup page
  Possibility to choose which signup form fields are optional/mandatory 
  Customizable affiliate control panel web afe p
  Skins & colors to choose from 
  New Integration Wizard with automatic updates feature 
  Auto-generated signup form 
  Integrates with virtually every shopping cart/payment gateway on the market

affiliate program software

advertising affiliate program

web master affiliate program
  Available language packs:   web site affiliate program   web affiliate program   Francais   advertising affiliate program   Italian   Danish   Simplified Chinese   Traditional Chinese  *)
  Full multi language support with dynamic language switching
  Translate it to your own language by translating only one file

* non-english language files are translated only partially, they require translating the strings added in the newest versions
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